Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dennis Sheehan Class Demo 3/8/12

Second Thursday of the month, another inspiring class at the Dennis Sheehan studio in Bedford, NH. We started the class with a demo by Dennis, see below.

Dennis emphasized the need for interest across the whole painting. The interest can be added by varying chroma (color intensity/tone) while still maintaining the overall tonal quality of the painting. Variation in the sky is an important part of giving the painting more eye appeal. The design of the trees including varying the edges from soft to hard as well as the placement on the canvas are keys to a good landscape composition.  

Dennis also teaches that whatever you do it must be believable. The viewer needs to imagine a place like the painting portrays. If the painting is successful, missing details will be unconsciously added by the viewer and help engage the viewer in the painting. This will also continue the pleasure of looking at the painting every day at the owner's home. 

With some time remaining for the demo Dennis did a quick glazing of a winter scene to tone down a painting.

Dennis put a light blue glaze over the top of the sky and toned down the lower part of the stream to go with the sky change. He also put a light green glaze over the white snow and cleared highlights off with a Bounty paper towel. 

What do you think of the change? Can you find the differences?