Friday, April 27, 2012

Artist Creative Search

In my February 16, 2012 post I introduced you to Hank Blaustein from Brooklyn, NY. Hank is an illustrator who loves to draw. While I was  visiting with Hank, he reminded me of Jim Tinguely, an artist from the Newburyport area. Hank and Jim are both driven to draw. Their interest started at a young age and the joy of creating a drawing continues to thrill them.

Last week Jim invited us to his home to see some of his work. I chose to look at his oil paintings on paper and couldn't resist getting some for my collection. I chose the following:

This painting is a study of loose brush strokes strategically placed to portray the soul of the model. What confidence Jim shows in his placement of strokes and use of colors.

This painting is in a frame made by Jim. Besides painting Jim loves to make things from wood. He also does woodblock prints and he is currently experimenting with different methods to get a unique look of his own. There are small stars placed as accents on the frame that are not clearly visible but distinguish a Jim Tinguely frame.

This painting has so much character. The hat and blue scarf nicely outline the face.

Each of these paintings makes me smile every time I look at them. I'm so happy with my choices, what do you think? 

My thanks to Jim for inviting us (myself and my husband Dick) to his home and giving me a glimpse into his life of an artist's creative exploration.