Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dennis Sheehan's Dramatic Portraits

In the previous post I introduced portraits by Jim Tinguely which are colorful and playful. In contrast I'd like to show you a few dramatic and dark portraits done by Dennis Sheehan. One reason for showing both styles is because I truly enjoy looking at both. Another reason is to help those of you who are artists choose your direction in creating a unique style. Both Dennis and Jim have a unique style that one can immediately identify.

By looking at different styles of paintings it will help you choose a direction: do I like the colors in Jim's portraits? do I prefer the dark moodiness of Dennis's portraits?

Presenting a few portraits by the master landscape painter Dennis Sheehan.


Notice how what has been left out is of great importance to this painting. The eye is drawn immediately to the center of the face where you are mesmerized by the penetrating stare.