Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Eventide Gallery Show

The Eventide Gallery in Essex, MA, owned by Teri Ermano is getting ready for a new winter show. Teri plans to have lots of lovely winter paintings in the front room. Please see below my contribution to the snow scenes.

After The Snow

Paintings also available at Eventide Gallery include the following.

This painting was started outdoors as a grisaille at Deer Island in Newburyport, MA along the Merrimack River. Deer Island is a favorite place for fishing, painting and boating. Most of the Island is wooded until you get to the edge of the water.

River Moon

Plum Island Overlook is a local marsh often visited by bird watchers. See this serene natural marsh in the painting.below.

The Overlook, by Susan B. Luca, oil, 12x16

Here are a few small paintings done on location recently as you can tell by the late Fall colors.

Autumn Rough Meadows by Susan B. Luca, oil, 6x12
Morning Along The River by Susan B. Luca, oil, 8x10
The Audubon Society has opened a new wildlife refuge off Stackyard Road in Rowley, MA known as Rough Meadows. A perfect place for painting on site.

The opening reception for the Eventide Gallery show is December 8, 2012 from 5:00 - 8:00 PM.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pleine Air Painting - A Different Approach

This Spring, Summer and Fall I've been painting outdoors with Donald Jurney and learning that doing a grisaille/under painting developing light and dark using limited colors can be another option when painting out doors. This simplifies the task of trying to deal with shapes, composition, light, dark and color. A fairly complex grisaille can be done more quickly and can be viewed later to confirm that the design is pleasing before completing the painting.Of course one doesn't walk away with a completed painting but how many times have you worked a little more on a plein air painting in the studio or a return trip to the site?

Whatever you decide to do the grisaille approach to painting on site has made me even more anxious to paint in out doors on site. The ability to capture the details of the trees and landscape help me feel closer to the scene and helps me remember the look of the scene including the colors and what attracted me to the site. In addition I've been able to do larger canvases. Below are a few examples of what I have been doing this Fall.

Rough Meadows oil 12x16

Work in process - these are the under paintings done on site at Rough Meadows in Rowley, MA

Rough Meadows Marsh 6x12

Rough Meadows High Tide 12x24

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Newmarket Creativity Center Art and Poetry

More poems from the Newmarket Creativity Center inspired by my painting "Ocean Moon". The first poem "INDIGLORIOUS" is written by George Jack and "My Heart Is An Ocean Moon" by Ross Bachelder musician, artist and poet.


   by George Jack

   Waking up an hour before
   The alarm is set to go off

   Some insomnilonging lulls me
   From beneath the pre-dawn and its
   Chrysallislumberous keep

   That indiglorious first hour of morning
   When the room is steeping in
   The same blue glow curve
   As the outside sky

   On the front porch
   A light fog dampens all it touches
   Impassively clouded agent of freecipitation

   Dew, like softly jeweled fugitives
   Cling to leaf, stem, petal, in it’s wake, and
   Presses the shoulders of my robe

   As might ghostly fingertips
   Belonging to the opened palms of well wishes
   Reassuring me at some reverse-funeral procession
   I would only be welcome at, and
   Privy to
   At this sherbet-spectral hour of the day.

   All that’s missing
   Are all of the colors
   In dreams and in the world and
   Everything else I’ve left behind
   To be here at this moment,
   To bathe in this both rare and
   Precious blue, illuminating this,
   The other side of twilightenment.
   ~George Jack

My Heart is an Ocean Moon
Response to “Ocean Moon,” a landscape by Susan B. Luca

Poem by Ross Bachelder

You know, I’m just another guy,
I think you’ll all agree.
But there are times when I see stuff
That other guys don’t see.

For instance, when I watch TV
Or shop around for food,
I learn just how to be a man
And cop a manly mood!

On every channel except C-SPAN,
And down those grocery aisles,
They tell me how to be a stud --
Man Stuff in piles and piles!

But really -- can we always trust
What Advertisers say,
‘bout what it takes to be a man,
And live the manly way?

On Tuesdays they don’t like my hair --
They think it’s too damn gray!
But when those Fridays roll around,
Gray makes a HUNK, they say.

I really want to learn the truth --
It couldn’t come too soon!
But what the hell does THIS dude know?
My heart is an Ocean Moon!

If you REALLY want confusion, friends,
Check out the deodorant aisle!
Make a pit-stop in the smells
And linger for awhile.

Such an awful stink they make
About which brand to choose.
Adrenaline will make you tough -
Your testosterone will OOZE!

Or give the Power Beads a try --
Temptation might do wonders!
But which, you ask, is sure to bring
Excitement to my unders?

And what about them razor blades?
Now THERE’S a manly  item!
Mach 3, Flex 4 or Turbo Charge --
But WHICH one will EXCITE ‘em?

Hey, let’s go down the Shampoo Aisle --
And get an Ocean Charge --
Want Heat Igniting Citrus, Boys?
Them babes are loomin’ Large!

I want to know just what to buy,
What makes the women swoon --
But Jesus -- what does this guy know?
My heart is an Ocean Moon!

My LOVE LIFE sure could use a fix --
I’ll get me some Viagra!
A pill or two should do the trick --
I’ll become the Great Niagara!

I suppose it would be swell as hell,
To be up for four straight hours,
It’s an inconvenience I can’t afford --
I’d have to take a shower!

Now I hate to be redundant here --
I’m sounding like a goon!
And besides -- what do I really know --
My heart is an Ocean Moon!

I don’t shoot guns, I don’t race cars,
Don’t drink and chase the ladies.
I’ll bet those guys on Madison Ave
Think I belong in Hades.

I like to READ and WRITE, you see,
And visit ART MUSEUMS.
Kandinsky, Klee and Nevelson --
You really oughta see ‘em!

And sometimes, on a warm spring night,
I drive down to the Ocean
And stand beneath a cool blue moon --
I GET these funny notions.

The tender part of me is tough --
Though the Manly Man’s inside.
It insists on equal billing, by God --
The POET is my guide!

So hit me with your Hard Sell, boys --
And I’ll take it like a man.
Just hang on to the stupid stuff --
Or dump it in the can.

You know, those Empty Suits must think
I’m crazy as a loon!
And they may be right, for all I know --
‘Cause My heart is an Ocean Moon!

-- Ross Bachelder June 13, 2012

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Eventide Gallery - Essex, MA

The lovely gallery, Eventide, run by Teri Canelle Eramo is sponsoring a new summer show "Open Spaces". The opening is Saturday July 14, 2012 from 5pm to 8pm. The gallery is conveniently located on Route 133 a few  places down the hill from The Village Restaurant. I'm planning to visit the opening and hope to see you there.

A few of my new paintings will be showing at Eventide Studio & Gallery this summer.




 Visit Eventide Studio & Gallery in magical Essex, MA to view my paintings and to meet Teri.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Fresh Air" Group Show Of Newburyport Ten Painters

Busy preparing for the "Fresh Air" show starting July 1st at the Newburyport Art Association. This is a group show including seven artists from the Newburyport Ten Plein Air Group. The group has been in existence for over ten years, meeting at interesting sites in the area every Thursday morning from 9am until noon for painting outdoors. When the weather doesn't cooperate the group still gets together to paint at a church in Amesbury along the Merrimac River. It's a great group of artists inviting you to visit the show July 1-14, 2012 and if possible come to the reception July 7, 2012 from 7-9 pm.

I was honored that the group chose my painting Essex Marsh as the background for the show postcard.  Here are a few of the plein air studies I plan to put in this show. 

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Newmarket Creativity Center Art & Poems

The Newmarket Creativity Center art and poetry reception was enjoyed by many people. The poetry reading was very enlightening. It was so much fun for me to hear what the poets wrote after studying my paintings.


Chip Bergeron wrote a poem called "The Old Bridge" for a my painting "Bradford Bridge". The painting was sold that evening in the silent auction. Here is a picture of Chip and his poem.

Chip Bergeron, Poet


Memories are always like this: hazy, indistinct;
I can see engineering-old time, not like it’s done today:
Concrete on stone footings much wider than the creek.
In the summer it barely flows, but melting snows
Make it in spring a swift freshet, drowning boulders
Otherwise exposed, and rising sometimes to within inches
Of the bridge bottom. But it always held, and holds now.

The mind is a funny thing: physical reality is unclear,
But the events of a boy’s life around the bridge are sharp;
Sharper than sharp, and focused like beams of purest light
That will remain uninvented for decades. What wonderful times!
Do you remember fishing there, catching horn-pout and perch?
And the day Andy caught that humungous bass, the one
That was unlucky enough to blunder down from the pond?

In high summer we’d shuck our clothes and jump and splash,
Sometimes diving off the big boulder in the middle.
There was always a deep spot right behind, and boy…
Was that water cold!!! Mom told us to always keep our
Clothes on, but what mothers didn’t know never hurt them.
It wasn’t as if there was a lot of traffic, and as long as you
Kept an eye out for girls, nobody minded. We felt so free!

What about all those skating parties in the winter, the games
Of swamp hockey and shinny? Or we’d make a long line and play
Crack the whip, peeling off in a million directions. One of the
Big kids would build a fire from fallen branches, and when we got cold
We could get close, and warm hands, feet and backsides. Someone
Would bring hot dogs, boil water for hot chocolate in a #10 can-
There was never a king who banqueted better in youth’s comradeship.

So much, so much happened around that bridge. An older me
Stole a kiss or two under it. But can a kiss be stolen actually if it
Was freely given? Those first were far sweeter than any shared since.
Time obscures. The boy I was then is still a boy. The body changes,
The mind remembers what it wants, and it still wants-fiercely.
The old bridge stands, and though how it stood then is obscure,
This old boy sees unhindered the life and the times that flow beneath.

Chip Bergeron
14 June 2004

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Comment::  Thank you Susan, I appreciate it... Chip Bergeron on Newmarket Creativity Center Art & Poems

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gallery Show Newmarket, NH

Newmarket Creativity Center


A combining of Visual Art and Poetry

Opening Saturday, June 16, 2012

Reception June 16, 2012 from 5:00 pm - 8:00pm

Come enjoy art, poetry reading, snacks, wine, silent auction

   My paintings include the following and I'm hoping a poet picked at least 
one to write a poem inspired by the painting.


Newmarket Creativity Center
112 Main St 2nd Floor
Newmarket, NH 03857

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Celebrating Lyme's Beauty Art Show

The Lyman Allyn Art Museum in conjunction with the Lyme Art Association and the Lyme Land Conservation Trust are hosting an art show in the Glassenberg Gallery at the museum during the month of June, Celebrating Lyme's Beauty featuring paintings inspired by visiting Clucas Field in Lyme, CT.

I'm happy to show you my painting which was chosen to be part of this special show from the May Paint Out.

Early Spring Near Clucas Field, 12 x 16, oil by Susan Luca

The opening reception for the show will be June 1, 2012 from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm. Lyman Allyn Art Museum on Facebook The show will be at the Lyman Allyn Art Museum June1-30, 2012 and will then move to the Lyme Art Association for a showing July 7, 2012 until September 3, 2012.

Dick and I plan to be at the opening reception Friday June 1, 2012, Lyman Allyn Art Museum New London, CT.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Newburyport Art Association

Very nice Spring Show at the Newburyport Art Association, stop in if you get a chance. You will see one of my paintings downstairs. The Japanese Iris are from our garden and each year inspire me to paint overlooking the garden to capture the delicacy and beauty of these iris.

Japanese Iris

The Regional Juried Show will be on display in May 11, 2012 - June 9. 2012. I'm happy to say that my tonalist style painting was accepted in the show. 


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Show

The Newburyport Ten Plein Air Painters is starting the 2012 season with a Spring show at Angles & Art in Haverhill, MA The show started April 2nd and goes until May 31st. The Newburyport Ten is a fun group of artists who enjoy painting together on Thursday mornings. A reception will be held at Angles & Art April 20, 2012 from 6-9 pm. If you live in the is area I hope you will be able to join us for the reception.

If you are interested in painting with the group send me your name and email and I will have you added to the distribution list.

That's me kneeling in the front.

Below are some of the paintings Harmke, Angles & Art owner, chose from my studio for the show.





Sunday, March 4, 2012

On Holiday-The Artist Travels

The Lyme Art Association, Old Lyme, CT has four large, well lit gallery rooms that display representational art. Two of my paintings were just accepted for their current show On Holiday-The Artist Travels, on display from March 2 - April 21, 2012.

Salisbury Marsh
oil on linen, 6x12

This painting was done en plein air from the   Salisbury boardwalk which goes through the marsh. It's a wonderful place to walk and enjoy the scenes of the marshes and watch the numerous birds. Late in the day and of course the sunsets are the best time to go.

Impressions of Muck Ross Castle, Ireland
oil on linen, 16x20

Ireland, what can a say? The beauty of the countryside is amazing. In the painting below I tried to capture the trees at Muckross Castle as I remembered them. 

Traveling around the Beara Peninsula brought a new amazing scene at each corner. Mountains of stone and purple flowering Rhododendron, fields of cows and sheep grazing close to the road, seascapes with cliffs dropping steeply down to the water, quaint cottages overlooking the sea and towns where each quaint home is painted a different bright color.


Friday, March 2, 2012

New paintings

A few paintings have just been finished and I wanted to show them to you.This first painting is based on an evening stroll on the beach and the feeling I had by watching the waves roll in and the sky change colors. The family feeling the water on their feet shows how the beach draws people to it .

Evening Stroll On Plum Island
12x16, oil on linen

This second painting is a scene that appeared on the canvas by working with oil paints and a palette knife. With enough paint and stepping back away from the canvas images seem to form on the canvas (I find linen canvases are much better for this) and it is a great joy to work at defining the scene into a recognizable subject.

Summer Twilight 
12x16, oil on linen