Saturday, August 2, 2014

Painting trip to Woodsom Farm Amesbury, MA

The past few weeks I've taken some time to explore and paint at Woodsom Farm in Amesbury, MA. Woodsom Farm is an Essex national Heritage area and is owned by the town of Amesbury. A beautiful place with open fields and rolling hills. A long path to to the Powow River which is a favorite for dog walkers.

Here are a few scenes rendered as grisialles at Woodsom Farm. After doing the first scene it was easy to see more possible painting designs in the landscape. It's a wonderful day of painting outdoors when new ideas for paintings keep appearing before the painter.

The first scene is looking down the hill as the path curves gently by an arrangement of trees and bushes.

Next a quick turn in about 90 degrees left shows these 2 trees up the sloping field. I remember the tree on the left when it was covered with green leaves. Now it's completely leafless in mid summer except for the flock of black bird which rested there. 

On the way back to the parking area is a wonderful view of the back of the barn plus other storage buildings. The tall trees on the right look very majestic and all the summer greenery hugs the buildings. This type of scene is repeated all over New England landscapes. 

I'm hoping to return to Woodsom Farm and do more exploring and capturing the scenes there.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In The Studio

A quick update to let you know what is happening in my studio.

Small painting (9"x12") recently finished and hanging in the studio. Contact me if you are interested in visiting my studio in Newburyport, MA.

I'm currently working on a large Schooner painting and really enjoying the process. Below is a picture of the grisaille or under painting. The schooner is being escorted by the smaller boat to the Gloucester harbor the evening before the schooner races. 

Another grisaille done from the Derek S. Hines Memorial Bridge is a small painting of trees and rocks jutting out from Deer Island.

 Back to the studio now but tomorrow I will be back outdoors in the morning ready to capture a painting of the weeping willow trees at the Mall park in Newburtport.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Castle Inn at Crane Estate, Ipswich, MA

This morning I delivered a large painting to Castle Inn at Crane Estate, Ipswich, MA. Castle Inn has been displaying and selling my paintings since 2011. The work I do fits well into the beautiful Castle Inn as I hope you will agree. Below are a few photographs showing the painting Spring Morning which is 30" x 48" unframed. The painting is from a scene of the marsh in Rowley, MA along route 1A which is on my way to Crane Estate.

The living room at the inn was being redecorated and Camilla, the Inn Keeper, wanted a large painting over the antique settee used as an accent piece. I offered to paint this piece for them and was given the freedom to choose the design and colors of the painting after discussing the plans for the redecorating of the room. See what you think of how it fits into the room. The painting is for sale and if sold I guess I would go back to the drawing board and start doing another painting.

Here are two photographs of the painting in the newly decorated living room at Castle Inn.

The wall to the left of Spring Morning has two of my other paintings plus my painting in the front entry.

Check the  Castle Inn at Crane Estate, Ipswich, MA. if you ware coming to this area. There are beautiful views from Crane Estate and a wonderful beach down the road.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Newburyport Ten Plein Air Painter's Show "Out To See"

Art show at the Newburyport Art Association June 24, 2014 to July 6, 2014. The Newburyport Ten group paints outdoors every Thursday morning, weather permitting and is now getting ready for the annual NAA show in both the Sargent and Hartson Galleries. The reception for the show will be Saturday June 28, 2014 from 7:00 - 9:00 PM. Come see a wondeful variety of plein air paintings and join us at the reception to meet the artists.

A sample of my paintings can be viewed below. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lyme Art Association two shows

The Lyme Art Association is currently hosting two shows, the 22nd Annual Associate Artist show and the Winter Wonderlands show running from January 10 to February 22, 1214. 

My Winter Wonderlands entry "Winter Silence" was accept and sold on the 3rd day of the show. I hope the new owners enjoy the painting for many years, thank you for your patronage. 


Four of my paintings are displayed in the 22nd Annual Associate Artists. This one is 16"  x 20" and is done from a scene in Mystic, CT and I call it "Evening At The River". We visited Mystic on one of our frequent trips to Old Lyme, CT. Both towns are fun to visit and the surrounding country side offers many beautiful scenes for paintings. 

 The other three paintings in the Associate Artist show are the three small 5" x 7" paintings shown in the previous post. 

More shows coming up in February.