Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pleine Air Painting - A Different Approach

This Spring, Summer and Fall I've been painting outdoors with Donald Jurney and learning that doing a grisaille/under painting developing light and dark using limited colors can be another option when painting out doors. This simplifies the task of trying to deal with shapes, composition, light, dark and color. A fairly complex grisaille can be done more quickly and can be viewed later to confirm that the design is pleasing before completing the painting.Of course one doesn't walk away with a completed painting but how many times have you worked a little more on a plein air painting in the studio or a return trip to the site?

Whatever you decide to do the grisaille approach to painting on site has made me even more anxious to paint in out doors on site. The ability to capture the details of the trees and landscape help me feel closer to the scene and helps me remember the look of the scene including the colors and what attracted me to the site. In addition I've been able to do larger canvases. Below are a few examples of what I have been doing this Fall.

Rough Meadows oil 12x16

Work in process - these are the under paintings done on site at Rough Meadows in Rowley, MA

Rough Meadows Marsh 6x12

Rough Meadows High Tide 12x24

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