Saturday, August 2, 2014

Painting trip to Woodsom Farm Amesbury, MA

The past few weeks I've taken some time to explore and paint at Woodsom Farm in Amesbury, MA. Woodsom Farm is an Essex national Heritage area and is owned by the town of Amesbury. A beautiful place with open fields and rolling hills. A long path to to the Powow River which is a favorite for dog walkers.

Here are a few scenes rendered as grisialles at Woodsom Farm. After doing the first scene it was easy to see more possible painting designs in the landscape. It's a wonderful day of painting outdoors when new ideas for paintings keep appearing before the painter.

The first scene is looking down the hill as the path curves gently by an arrangement of trees and bushes.

Next a quick turn in about 90 degrees left shows these 2 trees up the sloping field. I remember the tree on the left when it was covered with green leaves. Now it's completely leafless in mid summer except for the flock of black bird which rested there. 

On the way back to the parking area is a wonderful view of the back of the barn plus other storage buildings. The tall trees on the right look very majestic and all the summer greenery hugs the buildings. This type of scene is repeated all over New England landscapes. 

I'm hoping to return to Woodsom Farm and do more exploring and capturing the scenes there.

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