Saturday, October 20, 2018

Crane Estate Annual Art Show & Sale. The Event will be held November 2-4 2018.

The Crane Estate Art Show & Sale allows people to visit the Crane Castle and see a wonderful display of paintings on both floors.

Friday November 2, 2018 there is a party from 7 - 10 PM. Please visit the Crane Estate information for the cost of a Friday night ticket.

On Saturday and Sunday the show is open to everyone free of charge. Crane Estate Art Shown and Sale Information

Susan Luca's paintings submitted to the Crane Estate Show and Sale 2018 are shown below.

Crane Estate Autumn, oil, 18" x 24" 

Ground Keepers Facility, oil, 12" x 18" SOLD

View Along the Road, oil, 6" x 8"

Marsh View, oil, 6" x 8"

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